1980 was only the beginning for the founder of Simos World Jewellery, Mr. Simos Koutsolioutsos, who transfer his business activities form Italy to Greece and is associated with the import of silver jewellery and ornamental and decorative objects for the Greek market.

He then crates Fancy Faux; a company specialized in women’s accessories and smart gadgets. The company is rapidly expanding in the Greek market covering a network of 2000 clients. Meanwhile the brand Oltre Mare ( is created, penetrating the retail jewellery market, establishing shops in Athens and in the province and it becomes a synonym of the Greek markets’ trends.

In 2012 Mr. Koutsolioutsos launches in the Greek market Mood Makers (, a focused brand, creating the Mood Makers bracelets collection by matching silicon with stainless steel and playful words, that soon becomes a Greek trend. It then expands in the Mood Makers watches and Mood Makers gadgets, with wallets, slap bracelets, and retro hands free phone accessories.

Today Mood Makers has introduced its Cosmetics Line, with natural handmade Greek cosmetics, combining the colors with aromas and words.

The company is actively present in exhibitions, participating every year in “Parousies-ROTA” in the Athens Metropolitan Expo, as well as in other exhibitions all over Greece, expanding its sales network and providing high quality services to its clients.